Here at Timber & Pine Designs, only solid wood planks will be used in the construction of all of our Tables and Beds. Plywood with a Veneer may be used in applications such has cabinets, dressers and hutches, however it will be a very high grade. There will be no use of particle board or chipboard. MDF will only be used in some cases for Chalkboards or Dresser Backing.

For More information on Solid Wood and Engineered Wood, click here for an article.


Poplar – A domestic hardwood that is used as the base price for all our furniture. It is kiln dried and can present light to dark hues in greens and purples. Poplar is durable and easily machine worked, painted and stained which makes it an excellent choice for furniture making.

Pine – A commonly used domestic softwood. Pine give a more rustic appearance espeically in knotty form and for a rough reclaimed look, it can be used in its rough form showing all saw marks and imperfections from milling. With pine being a soft wood, any further nicks and bangs from use will only enhance the rustic character of the piece.

Maple – A domestic hardwood that will have a higher price point, especially with current market values. It is one of the densest domestic hardwoods and it will surely stand the test of time for those willing to make the investment.

Oak – Is comparable to Maple in hardness making it extremely durable. It has a unique grain that sets it apart from other domestic hardwoods and it takes stain beautifully.


See below for an example of the differences in the wood speccies


Here at Timber & Pine Designs, we have a wide range of finishing products. Some of the main brands we use for stains are Minwax, Varathane and Rubio Monocoat. With paint, many clients will tell us a colour they are trying to match, whether it be a wall colour or from another painted piece. With this, many brands of paint are used. Every painted piece will be primed with Zinsser Bullseye 123 as it primes and seals the wood to prevent bleed-through.

For the top coat finish, we use mostly water-based unless it is for outdoor use where an oil based coating will be used. Clients have the choice between matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes.


Below are some examples of stain finishes, but note that these are just photos and they will vary in real life

*NOTE* – All wood will take stain differently and the finish may vary slightly. 

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