I actually have to admit this, but with all of my planning, I still forgot something. It wasn’t until there was an empty space between my vanity and the lighting that I realized that I did not have a mirror! Now, I had to plan and build a Farmhouse Mirror to match the vanity. 


Now, back before we moved I purchased a frame-less mirror for the hallway, but I never got around to using it. Sadly, after digging it out, the size just wasn’t right – it was too small for the 60″ vanity. Searching online, I found one that would be perfect 30″ x 40″ from Lowe’s.


This was back around Mid-March, when COVID-19 was just starting to really affect Ontario and stores were still open for customers. However, with wanting to stay safe I placed the order online for pick-up to make the time in store very minimal.


Now you are probably thinking, what about the lumber for the frame? Well, that I something I am very particular about, and will not let someone else pick it for me. I decided to wing it with what I had already in my shop. I had purchased extra boards when I was building my vanity, for the just-in-case moment. It turned out to be perfect for what I needed.


Planning & Designing 


With school being out, I decided this will be another teaching moment for my daughter. She already has been a big help with making the ship lap boards and installing them, so now it was time to get her to help build this mirror too. With no actual plan in mind, we decided to just wing it. At first I was thinking just a quick simple frame out of board boards but decided to add just a little bit more to with a 1 x 2 Frame and some Brackets we found lying around.


Here is the result!


Want to build it too? – Plans are available HERE


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